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Big Ku Lodge is perched on a high bluff overlooking Kukaklek Lake, which is 14 miles long, and is the only operation with the ability to use boats to reach the numerous salmon streams flowing into the lake.  Big Ku Lodge sits well above timberline in Bristol Bay.  High alpine tundra, rolling hills, and long vistas make for ideal hiking, wilderness, and wildlife viewing.  The only trails in Katmai, are made by bears.  There are no crowds, no platforms, and no fences.  Big Ku offers access to lakes, rivers, streams and creeks that can produce ‘National Geographic’  quality experiences and photographs of brown bears during their struggle for survival. 


Big Ku Lodge is located on private land belonging to the Igiugig (IG-EE-OG-IG) Native Corporation, and the Branham's have the exclusive use of over 10,000 acres along the lakeshore and river, which is all within the boundaries of Katmai National Park.  Big Ku Lodge is  an exclusive, private, remote experience offering authentic wilderness adventures.

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