Photography Seasons

June through September


No matter when you come, there is something for everyone.


June is ideal if your looking for a lot of daylight, migrating and nesting birds, hiking, incredible flora and fauna and the overall experience of spring in Katmai.  Thousands of endemic and migrating birds spend spring in Katmai nesting/breeding.  Wildlife big and small revive from the harsh winter and awaken with the life that spring sunlight and temperatures bring.  June is a great time to watch for the first bears coming down the mountains from their winter dens, heading down toward the river to check for any signs of salmon, and meanwhile feeding on the spring plants and grasses available. In spring, flowering plants dominate. 


The salmon usually start arriving at Big Ku beginning of July. Once the Salmon start running, the wildlife follows and the bears becomes a much more common and dependable site near the lodge.  July is great for hiking, wildflowers, birding with 1st round hatches and tundra exploring.

 August & September

August and September are prime bear viewing months, as the salmon are in by the thousands. Multiple bears will move throughout the area to various fishing holes, continuously.  The hiking and birding is also incredible, as fledglings are leaving the nests, and the salmon feast is at it’s peak. August and September book up over 1 year in advance due to it also being the prime rainbow-trout fly fishing season.